All the Details on Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is a new, subscriber-only newsletter, community, and archive for fans of The Court Jeweller, the long-running website about royal jewelry and history written by Lauren Kiehna.

Why subscribe to Hidden Gems?

Hidden Gems subscribers will receive two exclusive articles a month, focused on long-form, researched content on royal history, royal jewelry, and more; two community discussion posts a month focusing on jewelry and royalty; plus access to ad-free archive content.

Free, ad-supported articles will continue to be available on weekdays at The Court Jeweller website. Rather than adding a paywall to TCJ, I’ve decided to offer an extension here that will house lengthier and more time- and research-intensive work. The articles shared here at Hidden Gems on Saturdays are bonus features for those who want to read those in-depth jewelry and history explorations. All of the content at Hidden Gems will be presented without advertisements.

Subscribing to Hidden Gems will give you access to exclusive bonus content, and it will also help you to support the work of an independent writer and historian. (That’s me!) I’m always touched when readers ask how they can help to fund my work, and this new newsletter is the perfect way to do that.

What kind of content is available at Hidden Gems?

Each month, Hidden Gems subscribers will receive two new, exclusive articles and two community discussion posts sent directly to their email inboxes. The newsletter will arrive in inboxes each Saturday morning. The Hidden Gems articles and archives can also be accessed by subscribers via the Hidden Gems website and through the free Substack app.

Along with two brand-new exclusive articles and two community discussion posts each month, Hidden Gems subscribers will also have access to a selection of articles from The Court Jeweller archives. These deep dives into jewelry history are presented here without advertisements for Hidden Gems subscribers. (They’ll remain at TCJ as well, with their usual ads in place.)

Can we join in the Hidden Gems discussion?

Of course! The community formed in the comments section is a vital part of The Court Jeweller experience. Subscribers to Hidden Gems will be able to be part of the newsletter’s community of readers, joining in the discussion in the comment section on articles. Two dedicated discussion posts a month, geared toward community interests, will also be shared.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscribers have three different options for supporting my work and accessing the exclusive Hidden Gems content. A monthly subscription is $5/month USD. Annual subscribers receive a discount at $50/year USD. And a third tier, for founding members, allows you to fund my work at the enhanced yearly rate of your choice, at a maximum rate of $100/year USD. Founding members will receive two additional bonus articles per year as a way to thank them for their generous support.

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